Managing communication at home while self-isolating
Being indoors and in confinement with family has it’s many challenges and will test your relationship and your patience however strong it may be. You are all going to get on each other’s nerves sooner rather than later.

So here are my top ten tips on what you can do to manage this situation:

  1. Find a quiet place and make a time to have a chat about putting some boundaries in place.

  2. Be mindful and make the decision that you are going to listen to each other without interrupting.

  3. Talk about each other’s expectations so you have an understanding of your partner’s perspective.

  4. Talk about how you are going to deal with a situation if you feel like you are losing your temper and devise a strategy- will you walk away and talk about it later, will you leave it till the next day.

  5. Come up with a joint plan on how to deal with the kids if they are being difficult.

  6. Work out a strategy on what you both will do if one of you or one of the kids gets ill.

  7. Put some boundaries in place if you are both going to be working from home.

  8. Work out a budget and try and stick to it.

  9. Once you both have devised a strategy, have a chat with the kids too and get their thoughts on what their expectations are as well .

  10. Be kind, be respectful be patient and be understanding. You will get through this together.

Anne-Marie Cade’s Bio

Hi, I am Anne-Marie. I am also a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner / Nationally Accredited Mediator, Certified Divorce Coach, High Conflict Coach, Parent Coordinator and founder of Divorce Right.
I have created a revolutionary new way for clients to heal and get over divorce or break-up. I am passionate about family and relationships and I work with clients to empower them to improve communication, manage conflict and reach a peaceful, amicable separation, so they can successfully co-parent together. I incorporate mindfulness practices into my coaching and mediation sessions so my clients are able to get more centered and grounded and become more mindful about the decisions they make.
This unique method helps clients manage the conflict, re-frame their relationship with their partner and finalize all the paperwork so they can move on to the next chapter of your life. I believe that this approach will ensure a positive outcome for the family. I am currently working on my soon to be released book “Peaceful Divorce, Happy Kids.”

I offer 1-1 coaching programs, group coaching, online courses, workshops, and mediation services.
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