Supporting your employees through challenging life transitions like divorce and a relationship breakdown.


Breakups have a huge impact on productivity in the workspace.

Together with the legal and financial implications that occur after the end of the relationship, employees suffer stress and anxiety and find it hard to remain focused on their work and this can be problematic.

With around 46% of marriages ending in divorce, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to provide the necessary support to their staff who may be experiencing family breakups in order to maintain office morale and productivity. The stress and anxiety are amplified greatly if child access arrangements are uncertain.

Divorce reduces your employee productivity by 40% for a period of
3 years.

23% of employees who went through a divorce or separation had to take sick or unpaid leave.

Reduces co-worker productivity by 4% and line manager productivity by 2.5%

Employee retention – almost 1 in 10 leave the company within the first year post- divorce.


The pandemic caused a massive spike in divorces, an increase of 13.6% from the previous year. Managers need the training to be able to support their employees through challenging times. Managers are stressed when faced with these situations and are unable to show authentic empathetic leadership as a result. They need the appropriate training. Human issues like relationship breakdowns, family violence, and stress are now openly discussed in the workplace, so managers must know what to say.


Our packages and support programs ensure employees are well supported so they are not distracted from their work. We are an award-winning consultancy recognised for our unique approach to assisting clients in navigating difficult life transitions by providing expert-led consulting and coaching services via a team of lawyers with experience in mediation, conflict resolution, and coaching.


Equipping your HR Managers with the skills and confidence required to assist employees going through a divorce or breakup.

In-person or online training and educational guidance to teach HR professionals how to effectively communicate with employees dealing with sensitive personal issues.

Employee education days - we can customise training for your wider workforce, which can incorporate coaching sessions with our network of experts.

97% of managers have supported a team member through a challenging life event

1 in 3 managers have supported a team member through divorce

2 in 3 say they worry they will say the wrong thing

Less than 20% of the managers had the required training

More than 50% say that providing this support is part of their role


Our support services are designed to help employees cope better when faced with a life crisis like a relationship breakdown or divorce.

It is difficult for employees to thrive professionally whilst dealing with a personal life challenge. We provide a range of personalised, confidential support services like coaching clients to assist them to manage the life admin they have to cope with and help with carrying the burden of time-consuming tasks, paperwork, etc, saving them a lot of time so they can focus on their work.


Relationship well-being, divorce, and co-parenting.

Educating them on the process of separation and the options available, including mediation and legal options.

Strategising and mapping out a path forward so professional costs are kept to a minimum.

Providing information on how to manage the divorce process and sorting out documents.

Acting as a sounding board and assisting with correspondence.

I do have your details in our system and indeed will have much pleasure in recommending you in areas you have outlined and will be more than happy to engage you on my own behalf. Much of my working life has been spent in the service industry and I am always astounded at some of the so-called that is dished out as commonplace. It is rare to find enthusiasm and efficiency combined.

Michael D